If you are a SIM racer and want to get faster or if you just want to learn some of the skills needed to drive a race car properly then I can help.  I'm especially interested in helping those that have never driven a real race car before and are new to SIM racing.  I will ask you for a data file, I will analyze it, and we will discuss the results via a Skype call whereby I can share my screen and highlight some of the details of the analysis.  You will also be provided with the data charts (I use MoTeC Projects for iRacing).  The MoTeC Project is car specific but it can be used for any track.  

​​Whether you are just trying to have fun at the track with your track car or if you are competing during a race weekend, I can work with you to find that extra bit of speed.   Analyzing data and video will be part of the process as well as a number of other techniques that I have picked up over the years.  Contact  me for pricing and availability.

Track Day Coaching

Car Setup -- Many drivers have difficulty finding the setup that gives them the confidence to push and still keep the car on the track.   I can tell you what you should change and why so that you come away with a better of understanding of how to create a setup that suits you and allows you to be faster and have better finishes.

Racecraft -- Racecraft means knowing when to initiate the pass on the car in front without loosing too much time and, most importantly, not having contact or going off course.  It is something that takes time to learn and patience to implement.  But I can critique replays and even watch your races live if you like so that you have a better understanding of how to make high probability moves.

Consistency --  Many drivers struggle with consistency and although many times this is due to not having a driver compatible car setup, it also means doing the same thing every lap but also recognizing when track or tire conditions have changed and still getting the most out of your car without making mistakes.  By analyzing your data, I can look at the grip levels, car handling, and the timing of driver inputs to help drivers improve their consistency and produce good finishes in their races.

Other Services Provided To Both Real and SIM racers.

SIM Coaching/Data Analysis